The DLR GfR mbH at the Space Tech Expo Bremen 2021


The DLR GfR mbH at the Space Tech Expo Bremen 2021

As the leading event in Europe for space-related technologies, Space Tech Expo Bremen again presented itself successfully this year, bringing together more than 400 exhibitors and around 5,000 experts from all over the world in Bremen. The event took place under strict Corona regulations.

DLR GfR presented itself this year in a joint booth together with bavAIRia e.V. in the space area. At the 40 square meter booth in hall 5 DLR GfR presented the latest developments of NAVCAST.

What exactly is NAVCAST? 

It relays real-time information about the orbit, clock, and code and phase distortions. This data is used to remove errors from the Galileo and GPS systems as part of precise point positioning (PPP) techniques. NAVCAST’s typical accuracy in the 20-centimeter range enables a range of static and kinematic applications such as navigation, surveying, machine guidance, georeferencing of sensors, and scientific geodesy. Users worldwide benefit 24/7 via the Internet.For more information, visit the NAVCAST section of the Spaceopal GmbH website.

DLR e.V. Chairman of the Board visited DLR GfR booth at the Bremen Fair

The managing directors of DLR GfR, Mr. Walter Päffgen and Dr. Rolf Kozlowski, were pleased to welcome the chairman of the board of the German Aerospace Center, Professor Dr. Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla, at the DLR GfR booth. She informed herself about the operational activities in the Galileo satellite navigation program and the developments of the NAVCAST service to increase the position accuracy. From DLR’s Oberpfaffenhofen site, DLR GfR controls and monitors the operation of the Galileo satellite navigation system on behalf of the European Commission.

From the left: Walter Päffgen, Prof. Dr. Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla, Dr. Rolf Kozlowski

About Galileo

Galileo is currently the world’s most precise satellite navigation system, serving more than two billion users around the world.

Galileo is a global satellite navigation system fully funded and owned by the European Union. Under a European partnership, the European Commission manages Galileo, while EUSPA (the EU Space Program Agency) oversees Galileo operations and service delivery, and ESA, as the design authority, oversees the system’s development, satellite procurement and ground segment.

Spaceopal GmbH, a joint venture between DLR GfR mbH and Telespazio S.p.a., was awarded the Galileo Service Operator contract by EUSPA, which includes operation of the Galileo control centers.

“Galileo” is registered as a trademark in the database of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (No. 002742237).

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