DLR GfR as Partner at this year's European Space Forum in Brussels


DLR GfR as Partner at this year’s European Space Forum in Brussels

Exciting times for the space industry! As a Gold Sponsor of this year’s EU Space Forum in Brussels, Belgium, we supported an event dedicated to space innovation, where we had the opportunity to meet representatives from the European Commission, ESA, and various interest groups from national agencies and the European space industry.

The DLR GfR is proud to have participated as a Gold Sponsor at this year’s European Space Forum. The forum, held from June 5th to 6th in Brussels, brought together leading players in the space industry, government representatives, and experts from all over Europe to discuss the latest developments and challenges in space.

The European Space Forum provided an ideal platform for DLR GfR to showcase its expertise, establish future partnerships, and engage in discussions about current trends in the space industry. With distinguished speakers, panel discussions, and workshops, the forum offered comprehensive insights into the future of European space exploration.

Participating in Brussels underscored the significance of the event as an important platform for exchanging ideas and promoting collaboration within the European space community.


Innovative Space Program: IRIS² Sets New Standards in Satellite Communication

A highlight of DLR GfR’s participation at the European Space Forum in Brussels was the presentation of the groundbreaking project “IRIS²” (Integrated and Reliable Information Services). IRIS² is an innovative space project that revolutionizes data processing and transmission from satellites. The project aims to enhance communication efficiency with spacecraft while ensuring reliable data transmission, avoiding bottlenecks or delays in communication.

Participants had the opportunity to learn more about the IRIS² project and discuss the latest advancements in this field. The project garnered significant interest among space experts and offered a promising perspective for the future of satellite communication.


EU Space Strategy 2023 and the Need for Safety Rules

During the EU Space Forum 2023 in Brussels, we were pleased to engage in direct discussions with Niklas Nienaß, Member of the European Parliament, who participated in a panel discussion on space law and EU regulations for space debris, advocating clear rules for space. In other panels, Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice President of the European Commission for – A Europe Fit for the Digital Age, and Josef Aschbacher, Director General of ESA, presented their views on Galileo and European space exploration. It was remarkable to witness the strong demand from all interest groups in Europe for a European space law and clear rules for space debris over the two days.

As participants in the EU Space Conference in Brussels in January of this year, we followed the EU’s statements in which EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton outlined the key points of the European Space Strategy aimed at positioning the EU for the future. He emphasized four pillars for European space activities:
• IRIS², the new EU program for space-based secure connectivity
• Flexibility, agility, and genuine innovation in space sector investments and procurement
• The first EU space and defense strategy
• An EU space law introducing common rules for the safety and sustainability of European space operations

The new space strategy aims to enhance the strategic position of the European Union to defend its interests, protect its space systems and services, and become a more confident space power. With the knowledge gained from the past 15 years of operating the global European Satellite Navigation System Galileo, DLR GfR is well-positioned to contribute valuable insights to these activities and navigate them confidently towards the future. We look forward to contributing to the advancement of the space industry in Europe and pushing the boundaries of possibilities in space.

For more information about this year’s EU Space Forum in Brussels, please also check out our Participant Review on our LinkedIn account!

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